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Élage Diouf in Kansas City

The world-music artist will be performing two showcases during the 2017 Folk Alliance International

Élage Diouf is keeping his momentum on the American territory! After his recent visit at the 2017 APAP where he presented two showcases, Élage Diouf is now preparing to fly away to Kansas City MO, to be a part of the 2017 Folk Alliance International (FAI) official showcases.

He will first perform an official showcase on February 17th at 7:45 pm. Afterwards, he will be performing a private showcase at midnight during the night of February 17th to 18th.

The FAI is the world's largest meeting intended for the Folk music community and industry. This networking and professional development conference, which gathers thousands of professionals from all over the world, is held every year in the US for nearly 30 years now.

For more details on the 2017 FAI, CLICK HERE!


Élage Diouf showcasing in New York

The world music artist will present two showcases during the 2017 Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP)

After a noteworthy appearance at the 2016 APAP, where he presented three showcases for an audience made of professionals and general public, Élage Diouf is back in the Big Apple to present two showcases during the prestigious APAP conference.

On Saturday January 7th 2017, starting from 7:00 pm, Élage Diouf will perform a showcase at the AfroJam Music Conference 2017 at the Mist Harlem venue – where world-music artists Naomi Wachira and Damien Rich will also showcase. Afterwards, Diouf will perform another showcase starting from 22:00 pm at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel's Regent Parlor, in collaboration with Riot Artists.

Free admission to both showcases for all APAP members.

See the Unofficial Guide to Music at APAP HERE!


Élage Diouf nominated
for three awards!

The ADISQ, the Canadian Folk Music Awards and the Charles-Biddle prize highlight Élage Diouf's work

Not one, not two, but three great news for Élage Diouf! The artist and his album Melokáane are finalists for three renowned Canadian rewards.

Gala de l'ADISQ

The album Melokáane is in the running in the category “Album de l'année – Musiques du monde”, given by the ADISQ – the most prestigious ceremony dedicated to all music styles of the Quebec music industry. The winner will be announced during the Premier Gala de l'ADISQ, on Thrusday October 27th at 8pm at the Montreal Metropolis. The ceremony will be broadcasted live both on Télé-Québec TV, and on line on the channel's official website. CLICK HERE to watch the ceremony live on line! (French only) For all details about the ADISQ, CLICK HERE.

Charles-Biddle prize

Élage Diouf was also chosen to be one of the three finalists for the Charles-Biddle prize. This reward will be given by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, in partnership with the Culture pour tous association. It rewards the efforts, contribution, involvement and commitment of an individual who contributes in exceptional ways to the cultural and artistic development of Québec society. The three finalists were announced in a short video of La Fabrique Culturelle, which you can WATCH HERE (French only). Within those three finalists, the winner will be announced on Monday November 7th – launching day of the Quebec's Week of Intercultural Encounters. For more info on the Charles-Biddle prize, CLICK HERE (French only).

Canadian Folk Music Awards

Finally, Élage Diouf is nominated in the World Solo Artist of the Year category at the next Canadian Folk Music Awards. This ceremony rewards the Canadian folk, roots and world music artists. For the occasion, Élage was asked by the CFMA to perform in the nominees showcase. This showcase will happen on Friday December 2nd, 8:00pm in Toronto's Hugh Room venue. As for the CFMA ceremony, it will be held on Saturday December 3rd at 7:30pm at the Toronto Isabel Bader Theatre. Both activities will be open to the public. For all details or to buy your tickets, CLICK HERE.

Elage Diouf has launched his album Melokáane on August 28th 2015 in Canada and on September 30th 2016 in the US. The album allowed its artist to offer a series of concerts in Quebec, Canada and US. To get your own copy of the album, visit our online Store!



Available in the USA!

After he made a name for himself towards our Southern neighbours, first with his performance at the New York APAP, last January, then at the California WorldFest Festival, last July, Élage Diouf holds another surprise for his American fans. Next September 30th, his album Melokáane (available in Canada since August 2015) will finally be available in the US! This certainly is great news for the world music artist, which popularity is blossoming on the American market. As soon as September 30th, visit our Store tab to get your own copy of Élage Diouf's Melokáane… or one of his piece of merchandising!


Additional performance in Montréal for Élage Diouf!

Élage Diouf will give his Melokáane show at the Cabaret Lion d'Or

After his summer tour where he performed on the American and Canadian West Coast, Élage Diouf is back home and will get back to his Montreal fans. Indeed, the singer and percussionist will give an additional performance in Montreal, on August 26th 2016 at the Cabaret Lion d'Or.

Click on the Concerts tab for details, or visit the Cabaret Lion d'Or website. We hope to see you there!


Élage Diouf presents his new music video!

Mandela's music video now available

During his visit in Senegal last spring, Élage Diouf shot the images for what would become the music video of his song Mandela, from his last album Melokáane.

The song represents Diouf's tribute to the politician who held convictions of solidarity, peace and equality all his life, Nelson Mandela. The music video follows on from this tribute, where the population of Dakar joins the music artist to celebrate the life and values of this great man.

To watch the video, visit the Videos tab or click here to visit Élage Diouf's YouTube channel!


Élage Diouf on tour in the West!

Élage Diouf will be a part of festivals on the American and Canadian West Coast

Élage Diouf is about to fly away on the Pacific coast! He will tour in July 2016 for many performances in renown music festivals.

The tour will start on July 14h in Grass Valley California, with a performance at the California WorldFest. Next, Élage will fly away to British-Columbia, where he will be a part of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, on July 15th and 16th. Afterwards, Élage will perform at the Harrison Festival of the Arts, in Harrison Hot Springs (BC) on July 16th and 17th. The tour will end in the city of Bella Coola (BC), where Élage will get on the stage of the Bella Coola Music Festival, on July 23rd and 24th.

Click on the Concerts tab for all the festivals' details. We are waiting for you for this unforgettable summer tour!


Élage Diouf revisits a country classic

Élage Diouf performs the first 2016 inducted song of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF)!

The song in question is Mille après mille / Mile After Mile, written by the country singer songwriter Gérald "Gerry" Joly. To celebrate this induction, Élage Diouf pays a tribute to Gerry Joly by offering his own performance of Mille après mille, for the series Covered Classics.

To watch Élage Diouf's performance, click here!

Élage Diouf and his musicians.

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF) has launched Covered Classics in February 2015; a new element in its song induction program. A collaboration between the CSHF and CBC/Radio-Canada, Covered Classics publically honours songs newly inducted into the Hall of Fame with covers performed by our country's brightest musical talent.

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame honours and celebrates Canadian songwriters and those who have dedicated their lives to the legacy of music, and works to educate the public about these achievements.


Élage Diouf and Johnny Reid on tour!

Élage Diouf invited to be a part of the Johnny Reid Canadian tour in February-March 2016

It is now official! As soon as the beginning of February 2016, Élage Diouf will be a part, as an invited artist, of the tour of multi-platinum Canadian artist Johnny Reid, for a period of two months.

Élage Diouf sang with Johnny Reid the duet Just One Day, which is on Élage's new album Melokáane. Élage and Johnny's complicity is heard on the song and will now be shared on stage, for the two artists' great happiness.

Johnny Reid is a Scotland-born Canadian country music artist. In the past twenty years, he released ten albums, many of which have been certified multi-platinum in Canada. In 2012, Élage and Johnny have recorded the song Just One Day, for the CBC webseries Les Rendez-Vous. They appreciated so much their duet experience that they decided to record the song again in 2015, for Élage's new album.

Last November, the SOCAN Music and Lyrics magazine published an article about Élage and Johnny's musical friendship. Click here to read the article!

Élage will be a part of Johnny Reid's tour in the beginning of February 2016, until the end of March 2016. The show will be presented in all the major cities of Canada. For more details on the tour, visit Johnny Reid website here.

Élage Diouf and Johnny Reid in 2012, during the shooting of CBC webseries Les Rendez-Vous:

Click here to buy the song Just One Day on iTunes!



Élage Diouf will unveil his second solo album, on August 28

Singer, songwriter and percussionist Élage Diouf will unveil Melokáane, his second solo album, on August 28 on the label Pump Up The World. The Senegalese born artist will follow up with a launch concert in Montreal, on October 9th at l'Astral.

Melokáane is a wolof word (Diouf's first language) and refers to the reflection of a life's journey, at the present moment. The album, produced by Élage Diouf and Alain Bergé, touches on subjects such as celebration and resilience, the fragility of life, challenges faced by immigrants' integrating into a new society and the personal aspect of spiritual bonds. Diouf also offers two stirring tracks, Mandela and Sankara (sung in French), that pay tribute to emblematic figures in the struggle for human rights: Nelson Mandela and Thomas Sankara. And he performs a fabulous wolof adaptation of Peter Gabriel's classic Secret World.

The many talented musicians join Élage Diouf for this adventure include guitarist Jordan Officer on Tay and multi-platinum singer Johnny Reid for the duo interpretation of Just One Day. Their contributions help render the album a pure reflection of the musical and cultural essence of its creator.



First single from Melokáane: New album available on August 28th, 2015

Five years after releasing his latest album, the singer, songwriter and percussionist Élage Diouf is back with Tay, the first single from his new album, Melokáane, available on August 28th.

In his native wolof language, Élage sings in Tay the life of a worker who ends a hard week at work and who wants to party: he meticulously gets ready to go out and to have fun all night long.

The song Tay, which means "today" in wolof, represents an unexpected musical style from Élage Diouf. This spirited and rallying song embodies Élage's artistic approach, tinged with cultural cross-overs, which is what this brilliant artist's music is all about.

For this song, Élage asked the skilful guitar player Jordan Officer to join him: his wild guitar definitely gives a raw strength and authentic sounds, which fits perfectly the song's mood.


Foula ak Fayda

a new song in support of the Lions's team for the Africa cup

Élage Diouf : a committed and determined comeback

2015 will be a year of reunion for Élage Diouf and his public. Five years after the release of his last album, the Senegalese-born artist is releasing a brand new song that express his support of the Lions' team for the Africa cup of Nations.

Foula ak Fayda

Inspired by the musicality of his wolof native language, the title Foula ak Fayda can be translated by "committed and determined"; two words that clearly describe the artist's passion for the sport event that is currently taking place in the African continent.

With his energetic and sincere voice, in his native wolof language, Diouf offers a full of life, unifying and resolutely partisan song, that expresses his support for his native country team, the Senegal Lions.

The radiant lyrics and the unique voice go along with a festive and bright rhythm, leaded by percussions and back vocals. With simplicity and honesty, Diouf shares the warm passion that drives him entirely.

With a melody full of a catching happiness and lyrics that defy language barriers, Foula ak Fayda is a generous song that certainly represents a promising introduction to the new Élage Diouf album, coming in August 2015.

Élage Diouf

Élage Diouf was born in Senegal and moved in Montreal in 1996.

His numerous collaborations (such as with les Colocs, Jean Leloup and the Cirque du Soleil) encourage him to develop a culturally mixed artistic process, inspired by his African roots and the different cultural vibrations that he meets. He creates a music that directly reaches people's heart, beyond any barriers, and that expresses a universal well-being.

In 2010, he releases his first solo album, Aksil (a wolof word that means "welcome"), which is intended as an invitation to enter Élage's unique universe, where folk, blues and world music all go along in harmony. Aksil received many rewards, such as a Felix and a Juno. In 2015, besides his new song, the performer and percussionist will release a new album, called Melokáane (a wolof word that means "reflection"), which promises to be true to the musical and cultural essence that makes Élage Diouf a unique artist.

Until Melokáane is released in August 2015, we invite you to discover Foula ak Fayda.

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